Frequently Asked Questions

What is a home inspection?

The purpose of a home inspection is to determine the condition of the various systems and structures of the home.

Does a home inspection guarantee or warranty anything?

A good inspector will do his or her best to provide an accurate analysis and visual diagnosis of the conditions that may exist within the home. Home inspections do not warranty any item in a home. A home warranty is a policy sold to the buyer that insures specific items in the home are in sound condition an will remain functional for a designated period of time. Some warranties will exclude pre-existing conditions on mechanical failure claims. Check with your Real Estate professional or Mortgage professional for more information on home warranties.

Do you get on the roof?

When there is not an inherent safety risk, I prefer to get on the roof. It is better to examine the flashing and shingles up close versus relying on binoculars.

What do you do in the winter with roof evaluations?

When snow and ice prevent inspection of the roof, customers can refer to the sellers disclosure for information on the age of the roof. I look for signs of ice damming, backflow and drifting. I then inspect the attic area and look for signs of moisture penetration, rotting decking, staining or structural deficiencies. You can learn a great deal about a roof from the inside when there is 2 feet of snow accumulation. You just can't evaluate the shingles and exterior components of the roof covering.

Can you force people to fix things?

Accurate Home Services has no enforcement or negotiating capacity. I will disclose to you verbally, ( if you can't attend the inspection I will call), in the on-site report and the computerized summary report conditions of systems and components. It is very important that you directly communicate to your real estate professional or counsel what is of concern to you and what items you want repaired or replaced. This information is identified on the Purchase Agreement Addendum.

I'm going FHA and I might need some FHA Clearances. Is there a charge?

I will provide you with all the FHA clearances you need, at no additional charge. Simply fax us the FHA V.C. sheet and I will reference the report file and complete the Clearances for your Lender.

Do you inspect for code violations?

I disclose all safety hazards regardless of code. I inspect homes ranging from turn of the century homes to new homes. It is improbable that all homes have to be brought up to existing or new code. I adhere to the ASHI standards, experience and common sense as the barometer for disclosure. I make sure that the home is safe, compliant for the time built, and its systems meet the requirements of the home.

Whenever work is conducted on a system of the home, I recommend using a licensed professional. The work done on the house may require a permit, will be done up to current code, and may require a municipal inspection.

I moved into my house and three weeks later there was a leak behind my bathroom wall. Are you responsible?

While an inspection performed by a competent home inspector and inspection company will determine the condition of the major components of the home, no inspection will reveal or will an inspector visually see every minute, latent defect in a home. Vacant homes may hide latent deficiencies that only occur once systems are fully taxed.

A customer inquiry results in an immediate review of the file by the company owner. A discussion with the inspector and in some cases a trip to the customer's house may be included in determining if it was a condition that existed at the time of inspection.